We gently do your

professional dental cleaning

and add very individual risk assessment to it

Dentistry doesn’t have to be drills, needles and pain.

Like any other medical treatment, it should be as natural and as conserving as possible.

That is why my office in Vienna focuses not only on providing the professional dental cleaning, but, more importantly, empowering you to make the best out of your mouth health.

Regularly brushing your teeth will help you preserve healthy smile life long. But as the form of the teeth and gums is very complex, most people can´t reach all the areas at home. That is why will still need to do a professional dental cleaning from time to time.

This will create a healthy environment for your teeth and gums to protect and heal themselves.

We will also advice you in choosing the best dental products for your particular needs.

Maintaining the healthy mouth starts (but does not end) with good mouth hygiene. We will take a good look at your whole system, how your body functions and how your nutrition and habits interact. This is a far more sustainable approach and is much better for you.

Additionally to the fresh feeling of clean mouth you will receive tailor made training to help you capture your youthful smile

We detect the weak spots in your mouth early on.

Knowing your weakness as early as possible will help you fight the sickness before it even starts showing, The same rule applies for your mouth health. Your habits can put you at risk for developing caries, melting down the tooth mantle (toot erosion), tooth loosening due to parodontitis, joint problems or mouth cancer. That is why we make sure we detect the smallest signs early on and help you overcome them. In this way we guide you through the life-long path with healthy smile.

We search for nutritional patterns that may cause caries.

Everything we eat or drink directly touches our teeth. Exposing them to certain foods and drinks will make them more prone to caries or pigmentations or even destroy the protective layer. There are also foods that have a protective effect. Searching through your behaviour can give us many clues what to expect, It also helps us make a pan to strengthen your teeth, individually tailored to your needs.

Help you understand what the science says.

My customers are overwhelmed with (sometimes contradicting) information they find online. For someone not trained in pharmacy, medicine and dentistry it is extremely challenging to make decisions in this growing pull of research (some high and some low in quality). I invest a lot of effort in conducting, reading the research and filtering out only the high quality evidence. This allows me to treat and counsel my patients according to thorough scientific and clinical evidence.

Monitor the way your oral health can affect your overall health and vice-versa.

Some conditions put you in greater risk of developing gum disease or caries. A gum disease, in return, is able to provoke many general sicknesses. Detecting those risks helps us provide best possible preventive plan for our patients.

We monitor your chewing, breathing and swallowing patterns.

Those typically cause health issues later in life, after many years of being untreated. We counsel our patients on healthy habits they need to adopt to avoid those consequences.

We estimate the safety of your existing dental restorations (like fillings and crowns) and whether you should have them replaced. We also analyse your soft tissue relationship and how it may affect your dental health.

Specific customer groups, like planing and expecting mums, will receive a special consultation on how to keep this baby healthy and their own mouth resistant to pregnancy changes.

We will guide you through your diet to lifestyle habits, as well as your brushing technique, because we are committed to choosing non-invasive forms of treatment for you or going for a minimal intervention. One example is substance – conserving reconstruction of teeth using digital equipment.

Experience gentle and specialised dental care with real time results