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Individual risk-analysis for optimising the health of your mouth

– With nutritional advice

– medical assessment

– hygiene plan and choice of the appropriate accessories

Safe alternative during the Corona crisis: VIRTUAL CONSULTATION

AIn this way we are giving our contribution to stopping the spread of the SARS-CoV2-Virus. You are protecting yourselves and the others, and you are not wasting your time.

Benefit from the option of online consultation, in which you are getting the professional opinion in the most efficient way.

High-tech plus the personal engagement high above the standard

Very good dentist, extremely percise and cautious, she takes a lot of time for every treatment and explains to you all vey very understandably. I felt almost nothing.
The office looks very modern and is equipped with high-tech equipment. I can recommend it to everyone.

I was always trembling as I went to the dentist, but it os no more like that.  I was able to talk to Dr. Jovanovic not only about the treatment, but also about my fear. She always has time for all my questions, also when I called her on the phone outside the working time! With her it was always easy, with no stress and no time pressure.  My teeth are healthy again and aesthetically top, because she is not only taking care about the health but also about the appearance. I am smiling more and I am happy 🙂

II have been a patient of Dr Jovanovic for 11 years now and I am delighted. She is unbelievably good, cautious, precise and takes a enough time!