Dr. med. dent. Miona Jovanovic- dentist who will help you strengthen your confidence

Languages: English, German, Serbian

I finished dental university in 2010 and continued practicing as dentist in Serbia and Germany. In 2016 I finally settled in wonderful Vienna. My professional focus is preventing dental disease through individual analysis and plan, aesthetic dentistry and prosthodontics (on natural teeth and on implants).

Because I am passionate about science my patients benefit from the treatment with most thorough scientific evidence.

Additionally I work for a renewed dental company where i make educational concepts for dentists, assistants and dental technicians. Furthermore I coordinate research activities in 5 counties. This gives me a great opportunity to network and learn with colleagues internationally. It also provides me access to unbelievable number of congresses and courses, from which my customers continuously benefit.

My postgrad education highlights

Curriculum Implantology:

Curriculum Implantology is a great intensive training I did to update my knowledge in implant dentistry after already having many years of experience in this field. This took months to finish, but it helped shape my approach to a completely structured treatment planing before we even start working in mouth.

In DACH Region Curriculum is similar to specialty training a dentist will do to intensify their knowledge in a certain field.

Caries management by risk assesment:

Caries management by risk assesment is a 2-month training program of John Hopkins Univeristy in California. Finishing this program early on in my career made me a better caregiver for my patients. In this course we trained to detect the habits and nutritional patterns of the patients, which makes them more prone to developing caries. Knowledge of these factors then allows the dentists to make an individual preventive plan for each person, helping them keep their mouth caries-free.

Curriculum composite:

I am a firm believer in preserving teeth rather than drilling them. That is why I specialised in restoring my patients teeth using minimally invasive options.

Those allow us to reconstruct the missing teeth structure without drilling the healthy substance (which is, for instance, a case with grey amalgams). For reconstruction I use high end composite materials that are filled with ceramic particles. Those special particles provide the reconstructed teeth resistance (which means they will last longer) and shine similar to beautifully white teeth (which means they will look beautiful).

My social contributions:

Under the banner of the Vienna NGO Dentisttheworld I had the opportunity to travel to Tansania 2018, and give my contribution to dental care in this region. In just a few weeks, 9 dentists and 11 dental students managed to relieve hundreds of patients from dental pain. In the School Brushing program we helped more than 5000 kids learn how to brush, providing them with tooth brushes and pastes we also brought with us.

In 2010 I launched a dental educational platform in Serbian language for patients (dr-miona.com) who are willing to learn about their mouth health. This is a completely non profit project, focused on speaking to the people in their own vocabulary to explain (sometimes very complex) dental topics. Today, 10 years later, this platform offers detailed explanation on more than 70 topics and has been visited millions of times, providing ever updated information.

For Colleagues

Upcoming courses and lectures:

* Hands-on Course: “Complete clinical guide to successful tooth whitening procedures”: no free places until 2025

* Hands- on Kurs: “Erfolgreiches Bleaching – mit einem umfassenden klinischen Ratgeber” in Wien 7.6.2024