The law in Austria forbids publishing the exact prices of our services.

However, our pricing is precisely following the recommendations of the Austrian dental chamber which you can download here. You will find the price list for private dentists on the page 38 of the document.

Private dentist means:

  • the customer handles their bill directly with the office.
  • They receive a bill from us, with good overview and no hidden costs
  • They then send the bill to their insurance and receive the refund from their insurance.

Here you can find out more about the refunding process from the Austrian state insurance.

Customers working in UNO City typically have health insurance with Allianz. Allianz covers 80% of the costs of all of the treatments our Vienna dental office provides. We will gladly provide you a good overview of the treatments done, so you will easily receive the reimbursment.

If you are a customer of some other insurance, the amount you may get refunded will depend on your own policy and contact.

If you are considering a particular dental treatment in our office, we will gladly prepare a well structured cost proposal wich you can send to your insurance in advance.

For newcomers in Austria it is interesting to know that dental costs can sometimes be deduced from your tax base. Your tax advisor will give you more information.

Why do my customers prefer me to work as a private dentist?

Every dental work I do is supported by high-end technology. This allows me to reach predictable results, to work with quality materials and to give my patients efficiency and first-class-treatment.

But technology is just a tool: and In front of this tool you will meet a dentist with deep desire to understand your medical condition and your fears in order to help you.

This approach is not compatible with mass dentistry and this is why I had to distance myself from it. Today I work only as a private dentist.

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