Why should a patient care for my digital equipment?

As a part of my commitment to provide the customers with high quality veneers and crowns, I invest in cutting edge technology and my own knowledge. All the tiresome processes of dentistry are now turning digital (meaning: more precise, efficient and in better quality). But digital processes use high end technology that many customers never experienced in their previous visits to dentist. That is why patients are mostly not aware of these new therapy modalities nor of many benefits they bring to treatment.

In this article I want to highlight the most important ways, how you will personally benefit from digital dentistry:

You can try on your new smile for free before we even start:

It takes a lot to really make that decision, to improve your smile once and for good. But then you need to be sure that you and your dentist both understand what you want. We use a combination of smile design and virtual reality applications. This way you can try on your smile before you commit to starting the therapy. We can also play with various options in order to search out the best one for you.

3D Intra-oral cameras are safe and accurate

With 3 different optical impression cameras in my office (apart from CEREC, I work with 2 more advanced options: 3Shape and Emerald S) I can quickly identify dental health issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye. The image can easily be enlarged which allows me to  diagnose more accurately and to make better treatment plan. Although we often call these 3D cameras “scanners” they are not a traditional scanner, as they don’t use ANY x-ray radiation. That makes them completely safe for you.

🎥 Intraoral cameras allow us to reconstruct teeth without unpleasant impression

3D Intra-oral camera allows you to see exactly what the dentist sees:

This visualisation empowers you to make better decisions about your health. Dentist can help you understand all the details you are seing. In such a way you will have more understanding about proposed therapy and necessary lifestyle modifications.

Intra-Oral Cameras enable us to reconstruct the teeth without using an impression:

The process of traditional impressions can make patients uncomfortable. Those large, gagy impressions are history, as the 3D cameras offer a much more comfortable and quick process.

You can restore your smile in just one appointment:

Instead of waiting for weeks for an off-site manufacturer to create your restoration, we can have a new crown, veneer or inlay done in one hour. Because technology produces restorations so quickly, there is no need for multiple appointments or temporary crowns. You will walk out of the dental wearing a beautiful smile in one hour. LESS is MORE is a saying that really applies here.

Digital restorations feel and look natural:

Not only can a crown, inlay or a veneer be quickly created, they are made to blend in perfectly with your natural smile. Computer design allows for more natural contours that match your other teeth, and can even be made as a copy of healthy teeth in your mouth. This provides for a beautiful but completely natural appearance.

Accurate fit and less sensitivity:

As digitally designed restorations are highly accurate, that means that they are less likely to cause sensitivity than traditional crowns. After a traditional crown is placed, most cases of sensitivity come from poor fit or a temporary crown. Digital dentistry is precise and accurate and eliminates the need for temporary crowns, so our patients feel good about their smiles.

Digital restorations are higher quality and more durable:

Traditional dental restorations were made of components mixed by hand. Final quality of such restoration is prone to human error, and dependant on storage conditions, outside temperature, humidity and many more factors. With digital restorations, crown, inlay, veneer or even a complete denture is carved out from a block of highest possible quality. Physical strength of digital restorations is therefore about 25% greater that that of the conventional ones!

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Digital restorations are carved out of high quality blocks

Complete dentures can also be carved out of one block, and are resistant to breaking or tooth loss:

They are less likely to cause irritation of the soft tissues in mouth and need no repairing. They also don’t have to be stored in a glass with water. Finally, should a denture get lost, we can produce a new one according to 3D file in a few hours! The price  you pay is the same like for conventional restorations. You even save a lot, as you will spare yourself additional appointments and traveling.

Your road to digital dentistry starts here, with comfortable choice of appointment