A safe alternative during the Corona- pandemics:

Virtual consultation online

without risk, from your home

Even in the changed circumstances during the Corona pandemics we are here for our patients. As an extension of our offer, we are giving you additional option of virtual consultation. In this way we are giving our contribution to stopping the spread of SARS-CoV2-Virus.

What is specific for online consultation?

Virtual consultation is EASY and COMFORTABLE.

Through an internet connection you will get the medical advice at your home or wherever you happen to be. The dental consultation through our safe video transfer is also practical for people with reduced mobility, as well as for short consults, for which the travel to the dental office does not pay off.

Virtual consultation is PERSONAL.

Our experienced dentist answers your questions directly. You see and hear each other through the display of the computer or a prone. In our office every contact is personal and, goes without saying, confidential and tailored to your individual needs.

Tele-Dentistry is easy on finances.

Not only in the time of pandemics is a virtual consultation an efficient way to communicate. Without travel time and searching for a parking, and therefore cheaper and eco-friendly. Additionally we are supporting our customers with a 50% reduced price for virtual consultations (compared to the consultation in the office).

EFFICIENTLY to the right information.

For virtual consultation we always plan 15-minute appointments. This is sufficient time, to get all your most important questions answered. You are also avoiding the unpleasant public transportation with a face mask or searching for a parking. Customers, that have a specific question (for instance: what will my implantation procedure look like, are veneers a Todd solution for me or not…) and would like to get this dilemma answered quickly, can profit from virtual consultation.

Most importantly: our video consultation is SECURE

For conducting the virtual consultation we use a secure platform, that was developed specifically for secure medical communication by a provider from Vienna, called Latido . This ensures the data protection according to high Austrian standard. Additionally this allows for a secure sending of medical documentation. The complete process is DSGVO-conform and all the whole process is secured according to highest Austrian standard.
Bonus Tipp: Thanks to this Platform you can safely upload all the relevant documents and the picture of your problem zone, and send them to the dentist prior to your appointment. The more detailed the information you provide us in advance (x-rays, Fotos), the buzzer we can prepare for you and the more you will profit from your virtual appointment.

For which concerns can we use virtual consultation?

Our dentist can provide you the most detailed consultation online if you already were in the office earlier. That is why this method is perfect for the control appointments and discussions of a treatment plan. In the current circumstances with the pandemics, we also offer the first appointment in an online call. This is especially a good option for some situations including questions concerning the connection of your general and oral health (Oral health risk analyses), when you are fighting a bad breath or want to get a second opinion on the treatment proposed by another dentist, to name the most frequent.
If you are experiencing intensive pain, there is little that can be done over the video call. In such cases you can benefit from quickly and comfortably booking an emergency appointment here 

How does our virtual consultation function?

Unter this link you can choose the appointment that suits you:  In order to book, you need to provide your complete contact data. With this step, you are also generating the customer profile in Latido (that is the name of my dental software– a patient chart is therefore being automatically generated). Your data is transferred Ina coded form and are secured according to high medical standards.
Before your appointment you can gladly send us existing x-rays, Fotos of the concerned area and other documentation. Those can be easily uploaded in your customer profile. Before the appointment you will receive a reminder per email and can then log into your Latido customer profile, so you can activate the video call. Please make sure you allowed the browser the use of the camera and the microphone.
After the session is over please do NOT close the window. In stead, click on the green button “ Profile”. This will guide you to the folder in which you will receive the bill, as well as other follow-up documents.

Virtual consultation: This is how you protect yourselves and the others, still enjoying all the benefits of a personal consultation tailored to your needs.